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The below are a selection of writing projects I am currently working on. I find writing a range of different books and compilations a very productive medium that allows for you to write regularly despite whatever mood you are in. It makes finishing projects more difficult but I have personally found it better to keep up the momentum and eventually like a jigsaw puzzle all the pieces will come together.


Death Of An Entrepreneur Cover

Death Of An Entrepreneur Cover

Death of An Entrepreneur - Completed.

James Andrew Carnegie was to most onlookers a success.  An experienced entrepreneur who had defied the odds and built a successful company. Why then was he stuck in Hong Kong contemplating how he was going to kill himself?

This is a dark tale of angels and demons. Of commerce, chaos, chemicals and corruption.  Death of an Entrepreneur is a modern tale of the hero’s journey and his ultimate demise. Packed with twisted tales and colourful characters, Geoff Olds brings to light the dark side of entrepreneur-ism.

This psychological thriller is packed with memorable quotes, tragic insights and events that are guaranteed to put the hairs on your arm up.  

The sun shines, but it also casts shadows.

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Break Up, Break Down, Break Through - Completed

Is a must-read for anyone who has loved and lost. Geoff Olds makes himself entirely vulnerable in this raw articulation of his journey from rock bottom to rebirth. Powerful, honest and necessarily confronting, this collection of poems and musings will lead you on your own path to self-betterment.

From page one, Geoff Olds manages to bleed onto the paper in a way that is both powerful and poetic. You'll journey with him through his darkest moments; witnessing his battle with hedonism, rejection, divorce and depression. Then, hold your breath as he fearlessly fights to rise from the ashes.

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More works to follow…