Geoff Olds

Entrepreneur. Writer. Helper. Thinker

If you would like to contact me about any of the below or for a general reason. Please click the mail icon above and shoot me an email. You can also try social media. Thank you.



I work with a lot of companies in a range of capacities mostly to do with technology but also direction and strategy. If you are interested in discussing ICT Strategy, Start Ups, Board Positions or anything related I'd be happy to help or put you in touch with someone from my network that is appropriate.


I work on a number of writing projects mostly for myself but at times I collaborate on writing projects including song writing. 


Over the years I have done speaking gigs for a number of organisations. Most of my talks centre on technology and the future however I also do motivational talks from time to time.

Advisory & Counselling

I mentor and advise a number of entrepreneurs and colleagues as part of my key value in helping others and also have a large network of colleagues in this space.


I do get involved in a number of charitable works each year and am booked out currently working with a number of charities over the next two years however if you have something that may be of interest you are welcome to message me.