Geoff Olds

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The below is a list of businesses that I have founded or been involved with as a director and owner. I specialise in Technology and start ups with a strong passion for strategy and planning along with connecting people and ideas.

Technology 360 Group -

T360 is an exciting group of Australian technology companies all brought together for the purpose of building a complete 360 degree array of services to businesses globally. With 5 offices and over 50 staff across Australia and the Philippines, our job is to keep up with the rapid demand of growth and opportunity!

Technology FX -

Technology FX is the new Technology Service founded after TechFlare was folded into the Technology 360 Group. Still on the development cycle this business is dedicated in making technology work for businesses work. With the world changing rapidly and Technology playing an ever increasing role in delivering products and services, we aim to transform business from the businesses of today to the businesses of tomorrow.

TechFlare -

13 years ago I founded TechFlare with 3 other great guys. The business focuses on proving enterprises in Australia with a complete range of technology services and products with a solutions focus. The business is growing to $5m in revenue and has 3 offices in Australia and the Philippines. This business was folded into the Technology 360 Group as part of a sizable expansion.

FlareWare & Working Cloud -

A software company founded 2 years ago as a companion company to TechFlare. The business focuses on providing productivity solutions to small to medium businesses. Currently we are working on obtaining funding for product number 1 - Working Cloud, a complete cloud solution for business management.

TeaFX - Coming Soon

I love tea so naturally this was an easy choice to co-found this business with some good friends. The business is designed to use Tea as a natural remedy for a number of common every physical problems from head aches to heart aches.

Rush Liquids & Burst Liquids -

A business founded 8 years and still going strong despite numerous challenges. This business focuses on the wholesaling of frappes, smoothies and powdered chocolate products. 

Rush Distribution

An adjunct to Rush Liquids. Rush Distribution was a small scale distributor of a range of products including Voodoo Coffee, Rush Liquids, Saxbys Ginger beer and other beverages.

Hotsource & The Australian Music League

The Australian Music directory that was to be the ultimate gig guide and database on musicians, groups and venues. A fun adventure which also produced the Australian Music League, a Battle of the Bands on a national scale.

Get Any Quote

An early success in providing consumers with quick and easy quotes on any from trades to home sound installation. A powerful joint venture with one of the largest googles resellers at the time; the system had a very powerful and advance algorithm for generating quick matches between potential buyers and services.


13 years ago SalesWeb was founded to provide savvy shoppers the ultimate guide to retail sales around Australia. Born well before its time, the system was powerful and well designed. An excellent learning curve to software and application development.


When the internet was just a baby, you remember those days right, there was the glorious dawn of the e-trepreneur. eMG or e-Merchants Guild was an exciting start up selling real estate on websites and providing merchants with economical advertising options.


My first official business as a teenager. This puppy made some serious dollars whilst putting myself through university. Those were the days!


Launching a start up? Need consulting or business advisory work for early stage to growth cycles? On occasion I get involved as an advisor or consultant. You can reach out to me via my email address - geoff @