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Forty Life Lessons @ 40

Turning 40 is no joke. When you live a certain lifestyle and have had the pleasure and pain of a high octane pathway; 40 is kind of the halfway mark. That’s if you make the assumption that 80 represents the flight off the planet. I’m not sure I will make it to that grand old age but here’s to giving it a red hot go!

I’ve been recording some profound (and perhaps not so profound) life lessons that have buried themselves into the grey matter and I try to execute on a daily basis.

Without any order here’s what I have noted down;

1) What matters is your mind, so put your mind on what matters.

2) You don’t get to choose your upbringing, so let go of all the perceived issues and be grateful for the lessons and love; little or large.

3) Balance. The ultimate struggle but the most worthwhile.

4) Sleep is your friend. A tired brain is a blunt instrument.

5) The meaning of life is a life of meaning.

6) If you don’t know your quest; your quest is to find your quest.

7) Accept life is largely suffering so good days are not the norm; they are GOOD days.

8) Health is wealth. Invest in it wisely.

9) Age comes with knowledge. Knowledge with power. Power with responsibility.

10) You wont attract the right person, until you are the right person.

11) Make friends with death. After all it’s coming either way.

12) You will break down then you will break through.

13) You must have Order but you also must have Chaos. Balancing it is critical.

14) There is intellect. But there is also something beyond intellect.

15) Everyone is a Work in Progress.

16) You can say the same thing with kind words.

17) The greatest gift is the present.

18) Mistakes will happen. Their lessons may not.

19) If we don’t bare our souls and its problems; then we become the sole bearers of our problems.

20) A great full life consists of a grateful life.

21) Mediocre is only bad, if you stay there.

22) Travel out side for sights. Travel inside for insights.

23) The ego works best as a servant.

24) The struggles of today are the strengths of tomorrow.

25) Passion really means something worth suffering for.

26) By your own vibe you will attract your own tribe.

27) Apply love to every situation and life will improve significantly.

28) Study yourself. Learn about yourself. Manage yourself. Love yourself.

29) Feel the storms. Don’t become the storms.

30) Be satisfied in your present. But don’t be satisfied with your future.

31) A purpose is best pursued through the gateway of values.

32) Read. Know. Grow.

33) Learn meditation. Calmness is a superpower.

34) Express yourself without fear. You have something to say.

35) In the greatest of darkness, the light shines the brightest.

36) Thoughts are not reality.

37) There are two truths, universal and personal. Both are valid.

38) Invest in what is eternal.

39) Children will always bring you back to the centre of your heart.

40) You can be old at any age. But the reverse also is true.

Lots to learn. I look forward, with optimism to the next 40.