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Dealing with being Overwhelmed

How often do we hear the word Overwhelmed. This blog was triggered by a friend and colleague who mentioned this term at least twice. I have great empathy because being Overwhelmed is the dance you do with the Devil on a daily basis in business.

You can only imagine the demons that people face in this crazy world we live in. People can have a right to feel swamped and overwhelmed in the "rat race" we live in. Relationship challenges, financial challenges, work challenges, personal development challenges and I'm only just getting started.

Its easy to picture folk all around us; they are juggling so many things at once from kids, to partners, to health issues, to work challenges, family and so on. This is exhausting. 

You can just see it; a lone warrior facing the hordes from all angles.


What do you do in this state?


Personally I have found a number of techniques that have helped and have listed them below. 

1. Positive Mindset. Studies show that people are significantly more efficient when viewing things from the Positive Mindset. The fact is the brain is defaulted to a negative state through the way we are wired. It's how we have survived as a species in our "lizard brain". The fact is that Positivity is an act. An Effort. If we can make this break through, the overwhelmed armies are shrunk significantly in the mind leaving energy and motivation.

2. Learn to Rest, not to Quit. Its easy to give up and walk away. The amount of times Mr Quit taps me on the shoulder and sticks his forked tongue, I have lost count. But there is a trick; finding those resting spots not only at night but through the day. An breathing for one minute has a proven scientific impact on building us into more positive and focused people.

3. The Power of Meditation. Leading on from the Rest. Meditation is a wonderful mechanism. You see overwhelming feelings are just that feelings. You can't see them or deal with them when you are stressed. But 5 minutes of meditation; you close your eyes and you see the feelings for what they are. They are weeds in the brain and as the constant gardener you can pluck them out. Once again you eradicate your feelings of being overwhelmed and stress levels drop significantly.

4. Remember the Titan. Yes remember the Titan you once where. It's highly likely that you have faced these feelings before in a similar state or situation. But you got through, you rose to be the giant you can be and scattered the issues in front of you. Don't forget you didn't come this far to just come this far.

5. Eat the Elephant. Part of being overwhelmed is the feeling of being surrounded by issues presenting a gigantic force that is seemingly impossible to defeat. Well as the adage goes; eat the elephant in small pieces. If you have 99 problems, chances are you can make it significantly less if you pick a list and attack it with great effort. One day at a time, one mouthful at a time.

6. Ask for Help. You are not alone. Talk to someone who has been through this before or can give you a unique perspective. Lean on them and in this moment you will understand you have what it takes to conquer and rise above these feelings of being swamped.

7. Remember the Why. You are in this state because you have taken on the challenge and the challenge comes with rewards. Its important to remember there is a reward for your efforts; the strength and experience you gain on this rocky part of the road is just the beginning. The Just War will always be won if the brave continue on with the Why in front of them.

8. The Wealth of Health. Don't neglect your health in these times. Sleep, exercise, eat well. Hard to do but well worth it for when you are on that treadmill, doing laps, or becoming the lotus the mind lets go and the endorphin's kick in.

9. Perspective On It All. Perhaps Ants can become Dragons if we let them. Remember there were others before us that survived world wars, the plague, economic starvation, poverty, abuse and more hell on earth. But they came through and so can you!

10. Laughter, the Best Medicine. Yep that simple. Laugh. It releases the stress. Find five minutes of your favourite comedy or comedian, for in that moment you will become a child again and all is well with the world.


Remember if you are going through Hell, keep going!


Thankful for the endurance that life has taught me and the quotes that those have gone before have shared.