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The Joy of Photography

Ok. Here's the thing I am not a photographer. By no stretch or means. But somehow it's captured me. Pun intended. I've always taken pictures. Mainly events that stand out, or people or family. The usual point the iPhone and zap. I did have one of those "old fangled" Canon digital camera things but I confess I hardly used it. Not like some of my friends who went completely mad when the digital cameras invaded our society. And that was before social media made its grand debut on humanity.

But recently I have started traipsing around the place, capturing photos from the mundane to the magic, from the earthly dirt to the heavenly skies. Its got a hold on me! Time seems to disappear and peace comes along with great joy; in the capturing of images to the enjoying your handiwork later.

Light presents some brilliant photos along with some great stories.

Light presents some brilliant photos along with some great stories.


It got me thinking. Why? How is it possible that something that is so peaceful and joyous was missed upon myself and many others.

I'm no craftsman and the terminology/settings are mostly lost on me. But the handy Nikon DSLR (more on this here) and some extra's have made for some pretty awesome photos that added to the collection. So I can see that perhaps it is not the perfect photo that gets me going but something else.

Update - I have had an excellent article sent to me by Jen Reviews (Thanks!) This is a great blog on how to choose a DSLR Camera. Strongly suggest a read... Here is the link ->

There lots of reasons for taking up photography but here are a few that struck me...


For some of us the mind is incredibly intense and invasive. My brain represents Grand Central Station at peak hour. Its both exhausting and a roller coaster ride. Meditation allows the trains to slow down and mindfulness helps in observation and not getting on the wrong trains. Its incredibly powerful to stare down the lens and everything fades away. Peace reigns; staring down the barrel of a lens. Whether it be a dragon fly scooting across the water or just an interesting looking log.


Its amazing how we don't stop to smell the roses or observe the little things. I spent 20 minutes watching the leaves of a plant yesterday and seeing every little detail. Even the humblest little weed is so incredibly detailed and developed. It makes you wonder at the magic of this incredible world. The joy of appreciated miracles everywhere.


Sure you can sit on a bus and take myriads of pictures. Or you can stand on the corner and shoot to your heart's content. But all the photographers I know end up walking sometimes for a complete day. They say that all you need is 20 minutes of walking and your brain activates some really cool stuff. (More here on the brain lighting up!) So before you know it you have burned of a bunch of those calories and the second coffee doesn't feel so guilty.

I love pictures of birds. Now I get birdwatchers!

I love pictures of birds. Now I get birdwatchers!



I can't shake the story of the man who isolated himself from society and was found dead in a forest. His last journal entry was about the importance of a shared existence. So sharing the pictures and sharing in others photos is such a wonderful experience. A picture says a thousand words. So each picture is a story in itself. Wow! Its interesting seeing some of the Instagram accounts and the stories they tell.


I think one of the greatest joys I have experienced is the joy of taking photos from a different angle. The back of a statue. Lying on the ground to capture the skyline through the legs of table. Photos of photos. Photos of photographers. Creating magic through the use of filters. It reminds you that you are unique and special and the center of the universe is in you. It is very representative of coming back to you the present and looking out at the world with fresh eyes and eagerness.

All I can say is I am a big fan of "Photo Therapy" and you should be too! :)

I'll never forget this moment on Kata Beach, Phuket.

I'll never forget this moment on Kata Beach, Phuket.