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All Sane Humans are Feminists

So Feminism is a label that some want (Alan Jones, Anthony Albanese) and now the current campaigning Prime Minister; Malcolm Turnbull. But then there are those who don't want it; Michaela Cash and of course the honorable Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. This is something that I find very interesting and have been following this for some time.

Annabel Crabb absolutely nails it in today's Fairfax article which I had the pleasure of reading in the Age in a beautiful Melbourne Pub; The Duke. A quick straw poll from my female friends shows a split down the middle, some embrace the label or term, others cast it away with a disdain.

Crabb is right. Its the stigma of being seen as a man-hater. A rebellious anarchist, a withered up bitter spinster, an angry turbulent sour puss... You know all the terms that are thrown out there. Personally that is a load of BS. The term is a good and positive one. Here it is according the el favourite


Feminist - advocating social, political, legal and economic rights for women equal to those of men.

Everyone's welcome on Team Feminism...?

Everyone's welcome on Team Feminism...?

I think that means any sane human being; man or woman is a feminist; by definition! And hopefully we can add 'humanist' where rights based on sex is a stupid ancient silly foot note. Coming from a family of strong women (Mon Dieu! La femme est grande!), its hard and very sad, to think in the past we have been pathetic as a species.

I love Alain de Botton's work. The last book I read recently was Status Anxiety and covered a section on Virginia Woolf in the Politics section. Virgina Woolf was visiting Trinity College Library in Cambridge, in order to do some research, in which she was not permitted inside by a crusty old tool dressed up as a gentleman. She was required to be accompanied by a "Fellow of the College".

Virginia asked an interesting question, not 'what is wrong with not being allowed in the library' but rather 'what is wrong with the keepers of the library, not allowing me in the library.'

The idea, that based on your sex, you get access to books or not seems mad. And most people would agree to this; men and women. On that basis most people are feminists; equal rights for women.

Sometimes I struggle to comprehend, we even have these conversations in 2016. I'm sure if it was my sister, the library doors would have fallen inwards and the old chap would have withered away. Her death stare was legendary along with "the finger in the face" move.

In my profession as an entrepreneur I have met some very powerful, high achieving and influential business people, some of these have even been men. Gail Kelly, struck me, when presenting once, how rational her argument was, and that it was a non argument. Competency, capability, connectivity and tenacity are all the hallmarks required for success in ones profession. This is not a male or female thing. This is a thing.

An old school friend of mine, was an absolute champion at demonstrating merit and capability; and did not give a flying fox as to gender. I called her "ballsy" recently... She loved the compliment. The point being is the compliment applied to anyone who had the courage and capability to make things happen, girl or boy, woman or man.

As a proud Father (and a feminist) of two daughters, Maya and Ariel, I want them to grow up in a world where merit is the only criteria AND everyone has equal rights.

I want them to grow up in a World; where all Sane Humans are Feminists.


What society will they grow up in the future... An equal and fair one.

What society will they grow up in the future... An equal and fair one.