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The Zodiac Killer?

What's your star sign? How often do you hear that? How often do you review your horoscope? Are you a devout star gazer or enjoy the fun and fickleness of reading so many type casts and the wildly interesting and dramatically different predictions? I must say as someone who has done a bit of reading in this space and also a social experiment I find Astrology and the Zodiac interesting but most importantly DANGEROUS!

Yes that's right. Dangerous!

Before I get to the danger zone let me explain a bit of background. Part of my psyche  is to work through life's mysteries particularly ones purpose here on this planet. Yes you can call it a mid life crisis or Death of Hero, Birth of a Soul (that's a great read by the way - Google it under John C Robinson) or whatever you like BUT as Mark Twain put it "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why". So thus the search for purpose and meaning and doing the hard years to figure life out. (Most people I talk to are on this journey at one stage or the other)

So anyway in my quest to build a moral compass, values and purpose I spent a fair bit of time over the last 4 years studying religion, philosophy, psychology, astrology, biographies and you name it. Think of a book worm on 8 shots of coffee a day and you pretty much have me for the last 1000 days plus. Knowledge being power right?

Anyway Astrology and the Zodiac. Woah! Heavy stuff and dangerous as I said. Why. Its killer stuff if you are not careful.

If you are like me and tend to follow a rabbit down the hole getting sucked into something can be very dangerous and for a couple of weeks I became a Zodiac nut. I must admit the horoscopes were fun and every random one tickled my fancy but the personality traits and compatibility components became incredibly consuming. 

The most significant impact is that it tends to focus you on what you are and your weaknesses and default traits; BUT NOT what you can become and do!

So I am a Sagittarius. If you believe what they say enough then you end becoming the arch typical Sagittarius and end up losing control and purpose in life. You will even be influenced to follow the rule book on finding compatible star signs and alienate incompatible star signs. WTF!

Imagine these 3 examples...

"Hi what is your star sign. Oh, you are a Virgo. Sorry we are not compatible good bye." Ridiculous... I think so.

"We love your candidacy for this job - you are super qualified but we just don't think a Pisces would fit here so we are going to have to go with the Leo outside." #fail

"I'm sorry Madame President. The voters have been clear. The majority have voted for a Taurus. You being Cancer will have to vacate your office at the end of your term." #starblah

OK maybe I am being a little provocative here. :)

Look I am not saying that there isn't some good learnings in the Zodiac and great opportunities for self reflection however like any knowledge it should be about progress and development and becoming the best person NOT falling into the trap of justifying behaviours or giving up on goals and dreams.

By the way based on my social experiment of over 100 people. The accuracy rating only seemed to be 50/60pc. For example my brother who is also Sagittarius is nothing like me. Others fit the stereo type.

Now if you are interested I suggest you study the Enneagram. This is powerful stuff and focuses on neutralizing your weaknesses and building your strengths and capabilities to be the best version of yourself. This book in my view is profound. Whats My Type by Hurley and Dobson.

All knowledge should provoke us into improvement and development. Not to settle or justify our weaknesses. 

All beliefs and ideas should come with a warning label: 'if consumed incorrectly adverse affects may apply.'