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Charlie Hebdo. Extremists winning out? Je Suis Concerned...

Sticks and Stones will break your Bones but Cartoons will get you Slaughtered.

Like everyone I have been dismayed and disillusioned yet again with humans capacity to act so damn appalling. To slaughter, destroy and murder another human being in such a manner over so such a logic defying cause is incomprehensible! There are many people who will be pointing the finger at Islam and that's a matter for them however I see this as the brainwashing of human beings which is not exclusive to any one religion and certainly so over time.

I'm sure a crude drawing of the Pope in the middle ages would have ended you with a hung, drawn (pun intended) and quartered sentence. I've been told of other religions where the incorrect behaviour around animals give you a short shift to life's exit stage left.

Its not surprising that Religion has the capacity to do such good but also commit evil beyond belief. I have encouraged everyone who has bothered listening that it is worth reading all major religious texts to give one a good understanding of the tenets of a major belief system. I'm pretty sure that the Koran doesn't have any explicit messages about killing cartoonists who do what all cartoonists do; treat everyone unfairly.

But then again we are not talking about moderate followers of a religion but the absolute extremists that practice serious crimes of humanity starting with the brain washing of their susceptible followers.

But what begs the question is this; if the moderates outweigh the extremists in any belief system and the extremists are behaving as evil agents and casting a pall over their faith; why then do the moderates not take serious action? I'm sure there are great parallels here to the Nazi party and many minor tyrannies that have blotted humanity.

So then its a human problem that a small few should create great crimes whilst others let it happen. The siege recently in Sydney by a fanatic is proof of this happening yet again. The disruption and tragedy to so many by one person in the name of a cause, beggers belief in this modern society.

I'll ask the question. Are these people mentally unstable? Do they have mental diseases? What type of mind does it take to fly planes into towers? What about setting yourself on fire? Raping and murdering in the name of a God? Hardly classic attributes of a stable mind. 

Here's another one. Do the mentally unstable gravitate to these extreme organisations? Or as a result of being associated with an extreme organisation make your mentally unstable? The brain washing happens?

I feel very sad that my children will grow up in a world where not only they will live with this pure evil but also the horrible side effect of living with such negativity and fear.

I personally think Charlie Hebdo is a beacon of freedom, not because of their messages , but because of their stand against terrorism. Free speech is a right that we all should hold in this modern age. Calling it as they saw it, was undeniably provocative, but was their right and we should live in a society where all organisations should face scrutiny satirically or otherwise.

I hope the moderates are enraged and not only condemn as they have once again but begin to make a stand against extreme elements. This means not only speaking out but acting out. After all sticks and stones will break your bones but cartoons will never hurt you.