Geoff Olds

Entrepreneur. Writer. Helper. Thinker

What can one say about one's self?

16 years of business and 21 years in the Information Technology Industry. I'm an entrepreneur who loves to create and focus on empowering business through Technology. Seeing ideas transform lives in a positive socially sustainable way; is what it's all about. For Profit, For Purpose.

That would be my "day job".

All other time is spent on the things that set my heart on fire such as reading, spending valuable beautiful time with my friends and family, studying, writing, travelling, doing art and much more. Occasionally I get a good nights sleep but if you can't beat insomnia you learn to join it...

Currently I am furiously writing to hit some deadlines and practicing Han Mudo, which is my martial arts of choice, I strongly believe that Martial Arts is more about the fight within than the fight without. Thus all of these disciplines, for me, should be coupled with Mindfulness and Martial Arts.

My philosophy is The Meaning of Life is a Life of Meaning. 

The finding and creating Meaning is up to us. As a lot of spiritual books say; "Work out your own Salvation".

Namaste and Adventure Onwards!